The Climate Science course

The Climate Science course gives a profound knowledge about how the climate system works in equilibrium. 

The course has five comprehensive, interactive 35-minute chapters offering a highly immersive and entertaining learning experience.

The Climate Science course is funded by Climate Planet Foundation. 

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As you journey across Earth’s surface and explore, in situ, how greenhouse gases warm up our atmosphere or the role glaciers play in keeping Earth cool, you will come to realise just how sensitive our atmosphere is to chemical change, and what this means for humanity – and life – as we know it.

The Climate Science course has been designed for all age groups from approximately 14 years and onward. Join the course as an individual or a school and build the competences needed to engage in a dialog about the climate system.

Explore each of the five chapters below. The Climate Science Course is built for desktop and not mobile.

1: Conditions for life

This chapter explores the conditions that support life in our solar system and the conditions that make life both habitable and extraordinary.

2: Radiant molecules

Picking up from chapter 1, this chapter digs into the nanoscopic world of greenhouse gases to explore how they heat up atmospheres and warm up worlds.

3: Reflecting sunlight

Building on knowledge from earlier chapters, chapter 3 tackles the greenhouse effect, and the role surface reflectivity plays in the cooling or warming of Earth’s climate.

4: Blue skies and ocean

Digging further into knowledge obtained in the previous chapters, this chapter delves into Earth’s atmosphere, investigating its formation, the phenomena found in each layer and how water and gravity move water from Earth’s surface to the sky.

5: Carbon and life

In the final chapter, it’s time to dive into Earth’s oceans to uncover the role carbon plays in all Earth’s life forms – and to find out how even small carbon imbalances could alter life as we know it.

Free online course

The Climate Science course is a free online course, and we hope you like it! We want you to have the best experience possible, so we appreciate when you take the time to report a bug or give us feedback about the course.

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The Climate Science Course is built for desktop and not mobile.