The Planet Academy

Foundational knowledge leads to motivation & innovation

We believe a deep understanding of our planetary ecosystems and the challenges they face will help move people to act more; and gives confidence to both learn and apply more specific knowledge, more effectively.

We aim to be brilliant at exploratory learning in the most engaging and scalable digital formats.

Sustainability transformation

We move the people who will move the business

Imagine, every person, everyday, transforming every part of the business to a more future facing sustainable offering.

Power your entire workforce with the foundational knowledge that will both move them to action, and give them confidence to learn and apply more effectively.

Exploratory learning

Properly understand and embed complex information

We merge exploratory-mechanics and digital gaming technologies - seriously well - to help people deeply understand complex and system level information.

Focused, micro-explorations of 5-15 minutes allows ‘the movers’ to quickly step from theory to practical application, learning as they work.

Want to collaborate?

We are lucky to have incredible backing which means we are committed for the long-term and very flexible in how we go about achieving our purpose.

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The Team

James Read, CEO
2x Founder & CEO - health (exit), food (close). Formerly strategy and brand consulting. Learner of self-managing orgs and therapy.

Steen Halbye, Chairman
CEO, Serial Entrepreneur, Venture Capital. 20 years within media and communication as Founder and CEO of media agency, advertising agency and digital agency. 

Torben Wind, Founder and Chairman of Climate Planet  Foundation
Serial Entrepreneur. Co-founded the software company Navision, acquired by Microsoft in 2002.

Patrik Bertilsson, Producer
CEO of Gamerce, a development studio with a focus on mobile games, educational games & IT solutions. 

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