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Today, climate education in public schools is inadequate and climate literacy is globally poor.

With our extensive climate science educational programme we will help kids develop a better relationship with their world, inspire them to live differently and influence others with their insights and perspective.

As these kids grow up, they’ll empower change in business and society from the deep understanding they’ll have of the climate science system. Instead of threats, they’ll see new opportunities for change: Cultivating new business models, fostering new ways of thinking, and anchoring innovation and creativity within the core of adaptation and mitigation.

Climate science framework

People don’t react well to change, and for a problem as big as global climate change, we can feel powerless and overwhelmed.

We get this.  So our approach is not to start with the ‘change’, but to explore how the system works from the start.  In this way, when we get to the ‘change’ part, we will see clearly why it’s changing – and what we need to mitigate, adapt to take control of that change!!

The framework  is based upon research conducted by Inez Harker-Schuch.

Connecting to nature

The climate science literacy framework is supplemented by ‘knowledge in action’ exercises in nature. A strong connection to nature creates a stronger incentive to protect it. As Baba Dioum says:

“In the end, we will protect only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught”.

The curriculum is also supplemented with emission reduction activities that are designed to lead to individual and community change. As well as providing inspiration to alter habits and to calculate the individual impact, the curriculum connects knowledge to attitude and behaviour.

Digital format

Kids love games – so why not use this extraordinary media to help them learn and embrace new ways of thinking and seeing?

Games have been shown to deliver significantly improved learning outcomes, they can be tailored to individual learners and, with embedded assessment, give teachers more time to do what they do best: Teach.

The co-creation between a state-of-the-art pedagogy and the gaming industry brings science to life – a vivid, virtual learning journey traversing space and time.


Torben Wind, Founder and Chairman
Serial Entrepreneur. Co-founded the software company Navision, acquired by Microsoft in 2002. Read more 

Steen Halbye, Project Lead
CEO, Serial Entrepreneur, Venture Capital. 20 years within media and communication as Founder and CEO of media agency, advertising agency and digital agency. Read more

Inez Harker-Schuch, Head of Educational Programme
Researcher/lecturer, serious educational game (SEG) developer, Founder/director of environmental science education foundation. Read more

Patrik Bertilsson, Producer
CEO of Gamerce, a development studio with a focus on mobile games, educational games & IT solutions. Read more


If you are interested in following the project, reading Inez’ research, receiving our newsletter, or maybe using the curriculum in your teaching, please contact us at:

We have invited a number of schools to test the initial educational games. There is still room to include a few additional schools, so please let us know if you are interested in diving into the fascinating world of climate science. Here you’ll explore Earth in space, create your own atmospheric gases and find out about the forces that keep our planet warm and covered in water!

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